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Yoga Teacher Training India, Best Yoga School in Rishikesh

For many people worldwide, yoga has become an important part of daily life. Through asana, pranayama, and the right nutrition, we experience inner and outer transformation, perfect health, and a feeling of contentment and universal connection.

Yoga Teacher Training India upgrades your yoga practice to the next level. You will cover all major and minor aspects of yoga and become ready to share your passion with others. Learning yoga from its origin country, India will introduce you to the various ancient secrets.

There is a huge difference between joining yoga cours and classes at home and emerging yourself into a life-changing Yoga Teacher Training India. The moment you decide to leave your comfort zone and come to India to learn yoga, you become ready to begin your journey towards self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.

Yoga India Foundation offers the optimum physical, intellectual, and spiritual space for an enriching and transformative Yoga Teacher Training India. We have built a lively and vibrant bridge between East and West. Our compassionate and multi-lingual yoga teachers will guide you with much care according to your physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Yoga Teacher Training India gives you the opportunity to cultivate a state of self-love, awareness, and union. Through the removal of negativities, stress, and stiffness, you begin to feel and perceive your body and self completely new. A transformative journey begins.

Of course, a Yoga Teacher Training India will challenge you physically and mentally, but through overcoming challenges, you will grow steadily and become a more confident and joyful individual yoga teacher.

Why India is The Best Place To Do A YTTC

If you decide to participate in a Yoga Teacher Training, India is definitely the number one destination. Yoga comes from India. It was introduced 5000 years ago in the ancient scriptures called vedas. There are four vedas: Rig Veda, Ayur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. You will learn all about the ancient beginnings and philosophies of yoga to develop a more complex understanding.

Only in India, you will find the most authentic yoga gurus, teachers and ashrams. There a few masters who surrender their life completely to path of yoga and share their wisdom in a Yoga Teacher Training India. Swami Yog Kulwant Ji, the founder of Yoga India Foundation, is one of them.

Thousands of yoga practitioners travel to India each year as they somehow feel attracted to its magical energy, nature and yogic secrets. It can be said that India provides the most suitable environment to learn about yourself and yoga on a deeper level.

In Rishikesh, the world capital of yoga, alcohol and meat are forbidden which contributes to the peaceful scenery and life.

During a Yoga Teacher Training India you will gain profound insights into yoga and unlock your inner life. This can only be achieved under the guidance of a real Indian yoga guru. As we begin to understand the connection between body, soul and mind, we enter into states of bliss and unity.

The teaching methodologies in a Yoga Teacher Training India are different from Western school and universities. The focus is on you. Through a mix of interactive theoretical and practical classes, personal space and individual guidance, you will become a well-qualified, knowledgable and inspirational yoga instructor.

Yoga Teacher Training India aims to re-connect you to your real you. You will be able to follow your heart and decide about your life intuitively.

Yoga TTC India Programs

Our foundational level 1 course is called a 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training India. This is designed for yoga participants who practise yoga for at least 6 month.

If you have completed a 200 hours YTTC before, you can join the level 2 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training India. This course if for yoga teachers who wish to take their practise and teaching skills to a higher and more diverse level.

Yoga Practitioners who practise yoga for two years, are welcome to participate in our advanced 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training India.