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It is a great thing to learn reiki while you join our center (Rishikesh, India) to learn yoga and meditation. Reiki is a jumpstart to meditative exercises like yoga. Unlike Yoga which was designed and developed in India, Reiki derived from the Japanese traditions. The technique has been adopted by Indian saints, sages and seekers over centuries as means of controlling stress and relaxing the mind. How Reiki is administered is interesting and very unlike Yoga and meditation, both of which are self-practicing drills. A Reiki master lays his/her hands on the people he is treating and let a surge of life energy be transferred from his body to theirs. Once their life energies are replenished by the donor, their wellbeing is restored naturally.

Reiki in Japanese means Cosmic Healing. This remedial technique has originally been imported from ancient Tibet where it was first inceptedand reformulated in Japan by the father of Reiki, Dr. MikaoUsui in the 19th century. Powerful as it is, the art of Reiki can be mastered by anyone under the guidance of a proficient teacher. The Japanese say that Reiki combines the divine wisdom with that of the mind’s control of life’s energy to heal metal and physical maladies.

But, the catch is, Reiki cannot be taught using the regular pedagogical instruments. It is passed from the master to the pupil through a process of initiation. The healing experience of Reiki is one-off. The body glows with energy as the force heals the mind, body and spirit. As a feeling of relaxation and invigoration takes over, the master knows he has done his job. Contact Us for Detail

Reiki India is completely safe and is bereft of any side effects. The masters treat each of theirs patients with cosmic energy which they conjure and contain through meditative exploits. Contrary to the popular belief, the affectivity of this technique is irrelevant to the intellectual standard of the therapist or the patients. Reiki has been taught to innumerable students, irrespective of their merits, race, age, sex and gender.

Clearing further popular misgivings, Reiki is not a religion, or a lifestyle, but a technique that is natural and spiritual. It does not subscribe to a certain faith or bows to a set of doctrines. Because it is spiritual in nature, people embraces this experience to get closer to their spirit and the energies.

So, why is Reiki important to modern life and living? It is because, impartial of time and place, everybody needs harmony that is so often circumstantially offset by our fickle choices and mercurial whims. Reiki is not only a healing experience, but also a way to restore that balance so that people across cultures and countries can be at one with the universe and the divine. In other words, Reiki promotes internal peace which contributes to a healthier society and peaceful community. Click Here for Any Query

Yoga India Foundation Reiki in Three Subsequent Levels + Master & Grand Master

  • Level I, 2 hours+ 2 hours self-practice (100$)
  • Level II, 2 hours + 4 hours self-practice (100$)
  • Reiki Master (180$)
  • Grand Master + Initiation (350$)


Reiki Rishikesh works by evoking God-consciousness in one, and is hence a completely harmless technique. It identifies the unique mould and constitution of every individual and casts itself accordingly for maximum benefits. It is helpful a like for the young and aged.