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Become and Internationally Certified Yoga Instructor


Become and Internationally Certified Yoga Instructor


yoga teacher training in india
200 hour yoga teacher training in india

Yoga India Foundation is one of the most experienced and most established Yoga teacher training ashram in Rishikesh, India .

Our approach is traditional, authentic and transformational.

While you can rather find more physical and superficial forms of yoga in most yoga schools, at Yoga India Foundation we have kept and continue to share the holistic essence of ancient yogic science.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training courses are internationally accredited and contain unique extra-modules such as Emotional Blockage® Treatment and Applied Ayurveda.

With a team of 10 deeply rooted yoga teachers from India and multilingual international staff.

We have not only created a perceptive bridge between Eastern and Western thinking, but also successfully maintained a supportive and highly professional environment for yoga education for the last 12 years.

Are You Ready To Build A Better World From The Inside Out?

yoga teacher training in india
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India offers you a comprehensive, interactive and well-guided course to deepen your knowledge about yoga and gain a more grounded practice. More

Duration : 18 Days
Course Type: Residential, Intensive
Certification: Yoga Alliance certified
Accepted Languages: English, German, French and Spanish
yoga teacher training at yoga india foundation

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India is an advanced therapeutic course for yoga teachers who already completed 200 Hours of yoga teacher training. More

Duration : 21 Days
Course Type: Residential, Intensive
Certification: Yoga Alliance certified
Accepted Languages: English, German, French and Spanish
100 hour yoga teacher training in india

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India combines both 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. It’s an intensive long-term course. More

Duration : 39 Days
Course Type: Residential, Intensive
Certification: Yoga Alliance certified
Accepted Languages: English, German, French and Spanish

The Benefits With Yoga India Foundation

At Yoga India Foundation we believe that connecting like-minded people in a safe and caring environment creates an empowering sense of union and encourages profound transformation. We cordially invite you to join our yoga family and experience a transformational Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India journey 

Highlights Of Our Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India Courses

Enjoy an excellent Yoga Alliance certified course content supported by approved yoga props (mats, belts, blocks, ropes, and bolsters)

Receive your Yoga Alliance Certification after successful course completion which allows you to teach yoga internationally in any country

Learn from experienced teachers at PhD and MA Yoga level

Live in a peaceful ashram environment at the Rajaji National Park in Rishikesh

Learn all about correct alignment, therapeutic yoga and asana modifications

Re-connect to your most authentic Self and unique nature

Energise your body with daily home-cooked vegetarian or vegan meals

Learn to connect yoga with Ayurveda and Emotional Blockage® Treatment

Allow yourself to expand your perspective and perceptions

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Accommodation Location: Our Ashram

What Do Our Students Say About Us?
Based on 28 reviews
Marius Weber
Marius Weber
Hello My wife and I make the 200 hour Yoga teacher Training online and we are really happy. Unfortunately we are not able to go to India and therefore we are happy that we were given the opportunity to have our course online. The learning atmosphere and teachers are very good and you can ask questions at any time you get quick answers via different media. It is a gift to learn traditional yoga from india it changes the way of looking at yoga. Thank you very much Yoga India Foundation Team Warm regards Namste
Susanne Möller
Susanne Möller
I had the most wonderful time at yoga India foundation. thank you so much to the entire team for making me feel so welcome and happy I really appreciate that your hospitality and kindness and your 24/7 availability. it was beyond my expectation that the food was always cooked freshly with a lot of love and deliciously prepared. I have completed my yoga teacher training in India 1 months ago and still fear the positive effects of the training. The teacher staff and entire team made me feel so welcome and where I taken care of.i will be forever grateful to have studied at this amazing school the location is simply amazing you are directly located at the national park and can see the Ganges river from across the side. there is also a little spa at the school so you can use your free time to take ayurvedic massages and feel even more relaxed.the yoga teacher training in India was really challenging because there were many hours of yoga everyday however it was well structured. overall I can recommend the school from the bottom of my heart and feel very happy that I chose the school. in life it's not always easy but I learnt many techniques to stay grounded and overcome issues by my own . I am excited to be teaching yoga now and sharing my new knowledge with my students back in Germany I hope to come to yoga India foundation again for my advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training in India mayaby I will find the time next year and can return a big thank you to Vipin Vipul Anrud Lakshmi for sharing your knowledge and sharing your secrets love and peace
Elizabeth Jonas
Elizabeth Jonas
my friend recommended me this place and all I can say it's mesmerising! <3 I had the best time here during my Yoga Teacher Training! Excellent curriculum, staff, teachers, food, rooms….
Cleo Mascha
Cleo Mascha
If you are looking to study yoga in India, I can recommend Yoga India Foundation from my deepest soul. Traveling to India and learning the traditional yogic science, asana and Ayurveda left me with much clarity and joy. I did my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga India Foundation Ashram in Rishikesh which was the best thing I've done in my life so far. The teachers are simply amazing, so passionate, kind and respectful. I ate delicious vegan food which gave me energy for the classes. The ashram is located outside the busy area next to the nature reserve and river, it's so beautiful. I couldn't have asked for more so I wish to say a big thank you to the wonderful school and of course my fellow class mates! There was not a single thing that I didn't like, everyone took such good care of us while we were still challenged and pushed to our limits! I feel so excited and ready to teach now 🙂
Theresa Niedermeyer
Theresa Niedermeyer
Yoga India Foundation is a wonderful yoga school that helped me to open my heart, mind and entire being. I will forever be grateful for the amazing teachers who guided me through ups, downs, past present moments. I learn about the ethics of becoming a yoga teacher and gained a huge understanding, not only about yoga, but also about myself, life and relationship. the group energy was like a family, we became close friends and shared our special insights and growth. Thanks for making my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India so memorable and unique, I can't wait to travel back to India one day. If you are looking for the right yoga school, I can recommend this place from my heart. I am an office worker, who (due to sitting a lot) came with the intention to connect to myself and remove my back pain. I stumbled upon Yoga India Foundation through a German Blog so I chose this school. A few more details about the accommodation, location and food: I liked the fact that the school is located in a not so busy part of Rishikesh. The local market is only 10 minutes away by rickshaw and we got the opportunities (every Sunday) to explore the surrounding like waterfalls, caves, temples and mountain paths. It really made us bond with each other and enjoy the amazing nature and jungles around. The food is so tasty, all the time. We received three meals per day, vegan and vegetarian according to our preference. There is always lots of fruits, vegetables and side dishes and some chutneys and salad as well. My room was cosy, with a balcony and amazing view to the river. Comparing this location with other places in Rishikesh, its one of the newest and highest standard types of accommodation with clean sheets, towels and blankets. The yoga hall is so big and has much glass so that you can have a fantastic view. I hope that my review can help some yogis to get a better idea of the Yoga India Foundation and make the right choice, like me 🙂 NAMASTÉ
Liliana Bayona
Liliana Bayona
My experience was amazing. Bipin, Anki and all the team are kind people that love Yoga. they open your mind to Yoga. yoga is more than exercise and now I have the knowledge that I want to do with this new knowledge. you should have open mind to learn. the only thing that I didn't like was that some students were really negative persons and disturbed our teaching training. so please.... OPEN MIND. Yoga is not what many people practice in the gym. Yoga is a philosophy of life. And Yoga India Foundation teaches it. 😍🙏
Marie Charlotte Nürnberg
Marie Charlotte Nürnberg
Es war eine richtig schöne Zeit für mich bei der Yoga India Foundation. Ich habe Freunde fürs Leben gewonnen und so viel über mich selbst gelernt. Meine Yogalehrer Ausbildung hat mich zu einem ruhigeren und gelasseneren Menschen gemacht. Ich bedanke mich ganz herzlich bei den Lehrern und Angestellten für das tolle Ambiente, das leckere Essen und die intensiven Yoga Einblicke. Ich hätte mir nichts besseres vorstellen können und bin total zufrieden. Unser Lehrer Manish hat immer gesagt, dass wir im Yoga (und Leben generell) auch mal hinfallen dürfen. Aber das nächste mal sollten wir dann “besser” fallen. Ich wünsche euch alles erdenklich Gute und hoffe, irgendwann noch einmal wiederzukommen. Vielleicht für meine Dreihunderter Yoga Ausbildung, wir werden sehen!
Claire Roseman
Claire Roseman
Oh how much I loved my time here...I miss all my class mates, teachers, friends already! I did the 200 hour yoga teacher training in May 18 in Rishikesh. Any problem I had any doubt or confusion, the teachers were always there for me. I felt very motivated and challenged. One time I was sick and they did everything to make me feel better. They gave me Ayurvedic medicine, made special food for me and after only 24 hours I was good and fit gain! It’s hard to find the right place to do such an intense training, but if you go for this school, you can’t do anything wrong for sure! The place is amazing! The course content exceeded my expectations and I went home with much more than I could have thought. Traveling to India for the first time can be scary, but I felt always safe and in good hands. Thanks to the entire yoga india foundation team for making my 200 Hour yoga teacher training so unique and transformational! I cannot wait to return 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Any Other Question?

We want to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about our yoga teacher training programs, so please feel free to ask us anything.

Ideally, you should have had a few yoga classes before starting the yoga teacher training. You don’t require a regular asana practice beforehand, but it is recommended to have a sincere interest to learn as well as commitment to complete the training. Western Yoga is very different from traditional yoga, so we invite you to learn all about it from A-Z. Our classes slowly build up so you will learn all about asana, pranayama, meditation etc. from a beginner to more intermediate level.

At Yoga India Foundation we teach traditional Yoga, also known as Hatha Asana and Ashtanga Yoga (Eight Parts) Philosophy. Our approach is to look at the individual and teach you how to create perfect health in your body and others. First, you have to understand the common ailments and problems nowadays. Once you understand this and know about the Benefits + Cautions of Asana & Pranayama Techniques, you can determine which techniques to apply to create well-being as well as physical and mental health.
Our goal is to teach you traditional yoga in its holistic, balance-creating and ancient scientific background. Ayurveda plays an important role too; that’s why we teach daily Ayurveda or Applied Ayurveda classes and provide one-on-one consultations by Dr Kumar throughout the course.

After completing our best 200 hour  yoga teacher training in India, 300 or 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course in India, you will be certified with a Yoga Alliance certification that allows you to teach yoga internationally without any restrictions. You can then call yourself RYT-200 or RYT-500 (Registered Yoga Teacher with 200 or 500 Hours of Training). Yoga Alliance is an international recognition board that ensures a high standard level of yoga teacher training. So when choosing your Yoga Teacher Training make sure that its Yoga Alliance certified. You will require the Certification to obtain work is most countries.

At Yoga India Foundation, we maintain a very high standard of teaching quality, accommodation, facilities, pure diet and course materials. All our staff hold at least a Master or PhD degree in Yoga, Pranayama or Ayurveda. Our Yoga Teacher Training courses start at 1200 USD including twin shared accommodation. Here you can find the exact Course Prices and Details for our courses:

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India (10 Days)
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India (21 Days)
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India (25 Days)
500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India (55 Days)

We also offer the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Online here.

A good yoga teacher will remain a student for life. It’s important to keep growing, learning and developing. If you are a certified yoga teacher already, you may wish to look into elevating your teaching skills and improving your understanding about therapeutic yoga, pranayama and ayurvedic consultation.

For certified yoga teachers (200 Hours) we have the following course available:

You can expect a truly transformational journey that leads into your heart. By gaining more knowledge and practice of traditional yoga, Emotional Blockage Treatment and Ayurveda, you can learn to create mental peace, calmness, health and a joyful daily life. Our teachers and team is here to guide you individually and help your to re-connect, de-stress and unplug. Get ready for a unique, heart-opening and life-changing journey in India!