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Emotional Unblocking, Emotional Blockages Healing

Emotional Blockage® Treatment

Emotional Blockage® Treatment is a process to overcome past trauma, stress, and sadness. Each and every individual goes through various kinds of emotions in their life. What are emotions? They are basically our way of expression: they may be positive or negative. We experience anger, anxiety, stress, sadness etc. Sometimes, instead of expressing our emotions, we suppress them. They begin to accumulate in our body at various parts of our body.

In our life today, we are facing a lot of mental pressure due to our busy lifestyle. Body and mind are very closely related. Once, the mind is overloaded with thoughts and oppressed emotions, these energies “escape” into the body and store inside our calves, thighs, back, and arms. Such stored energies or Emotional Blockages® may lead to various physical and mental diseases.

Through Emotional Blockage® Treatment, we can remove such accumulated energy blocks and feel more light, free and relaxed. Negativity is removed quickly and the body becomes more flexible. The Emotional Blockage® Treatment was invented by Swami Bipin Gyan and requires discipline and surrender.

At Yoga India Foundation, Swamiji introduces a proper training and explanations on how to get rid of these blockages formed in the body. It’s an exclusive course module which is only provided by Yoga India Foundation, Rishikesh. Its included in the 200 hours TTC300 Hours TTC and 500 Hours TTC. Swamiji’s motive is to teach as well as help the individual to overcome with his/ her emotional blockages® so that the energy can flow at its maximum again. Emotional Blockage® Treatment helps to grow fast in asana, pranayama, and meditation. If you register for this course, you will be definitely become a new person- full of positivity and enthusiasm towards life that will benefit all branches of your life. Contact Us Now

Why Is It Part Of The Course At Yoga India Foundation?

To have emotional blockages® is normal. Some people have more, some people less. Knowing a way of removing those, brings you ultimate freedom. Imagine how it would feel to live without the problems of your past? Wheather you experienced hard relationship break-ups, the pressure at school, uni or work, family problems, personal problems, divorce or loss, Emotional Blockage® Treatment offers you to let go of those moments and begin a new life of increased consciousness and a peaceful presence.

Emotional Blockage® Treatment is part of our Yoga Teacher Training Programs because it lets the individual grow very fast and steady. As you begin to understand the relationship between your thoughts, past and present health, you will emerge yourself into the journey of self-discovery.

On a physical level, Emotional Blockage® Treatment results in a softer and more flexible body. When the energy flows at its maximum, the body cells are rejuvenated and you will find it easier to grow in your yoga practice as well.

At Yoga India Foundation, we aim to support you in learning well. Through this unique treatment, you get the chance to integrate emotional release into your path of becoming a yoga teacher. You get the opportunity to heal yourself first and become too ready to heal others.