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Meditation Teacher Training Rishikesh, India

Yoga and Meditation are effective methods for calming the mind, reducing stress and increasing inner peace. Due to this reason, they have been practiced in India for hundreds and thousands of years. Our thoughts not only have the power to direct our lives, but they also determine our nature and the kind of person that we become. Hence we should always strive to develop creative and positive thoughts that can give rise to a peaceful, serene mind and vibrant health. By learning and regularly practicing the various teachings of the Vedanta philosophy, a person can develop a positive attitude on life. When practiced regularly, meditation and yoga can teach a person to bring his or her mind under perfect control. Mental agitation can be controlled by two means; by concentrating the power of the mind internally or externally. Internally, we can focus on the consciousness of “I am” or the “Self”. Externally, we can focus our mental energy on anything or anybody other than “I am” or the “Self”.

At Yoga India Foundation, Meditation Center India, one can learn the art and science of yoga and meditation which involves systematic observing, understanding, accepting and training each and every level of our being. This can help us to coordinate and integrate all the aspects of ourselves within the center of our consciousness and then dwell in direct experience of the divine energy. It is the sole aim of all forms of meditation training.

Here at Yoga India Foundation Rishikesh, India meditation camp, students are taught about the various aspects of meditation and how it can help us to awaken or trigger our inner life energy. The human body has seven points of energy known as chakras, which determines the flow of energy all throughout the body. With the help of meditation, a person can activate these seven energy centers and greatly improve flow of the life energy.

  • Sahasrara is responsible for integration
  • Ajna is responsible for forgiveness
  • Vishuddha is responsible for collectivity
  • Anahata is responsible for compassion and love
  • Manipura is responsible for peace
  • Svadhishthana is responsible for creativity
  • Muladhara is responsible for innocence

How Can One Start Meditation?

Yoga India Foundation, a Meditation Training India can teach a student about the basic and deeper aspects of the art of meditation. It is an experience which can be easily felt from the inside, just like a blind person cannot see colors but can feel inner vibrations. We cannot see energy but through meditation we can purify our minds and feel the various forms of universal energies. Meditation starts with the depths of our inner soul. It then refreshes our body, mind and life. Although the life energy has always been flowing within us, most of us are not attuned to it in our day to day lives. The methods that are taught at meditation training Rishikesh center can help us to develop the skill to get in touch with our energy centers. It requires plenty of practice to be in line with our inner energy system and then use it to improve various facets of our lives. Here are some things that you need to remember when you are looking to start meditation and yoga. Following the points discussed below can help anyone to enjoy the benefits of meditation.

  • Select a quiet and serene environment.
  • Choose a spot that can provide you with natural heat and cooling as well as fresh air
  • Sit upright; make sure that you select the appropriate sitting place and position before you start
  • Practice different types of deep breathing techniques
First Week Second Week
6:ooAM Kriyas (Cleansing) Kriyas (Cleansing)
7:00AM Meditation with Pranayama Meditation with Pranayama
8:15AM Herbal Tea Herbal Tea
8:30AM Yoga Asana Yoga Asana
10:00AM Breakfast Breakfast
11:00AM Philosophy Philosophy
01:00PM Lunch Lunch
02:00PM Guided Meditation Guided Meditation
03:00PM Karma Yoga Karma Yoga
06:00PM Emotional Blockage Emotional Blockage

2-week Meditation Course Schedule

Cost: 900 USD with Accommodation

Included in the fees

1. All meals
2. Single room with attached bathroom, hot water and Wifi
3. One white School T-Shirt
4. Onemala
5. Two outings (Waterfall & Cave Meditation)
6. 2 books
7. Airport Transfer (One-Way) from Dehradun DED to Rishikesh

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