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Meeting the Yoga Alliance RYS Standards for International Recognition

Become A Certified Yoga Teacher with our 200 Hour Online YTT Study with the World’s Best Teachers from India and Europe

200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course Overview

By taking this Online Yoga Teacher Training, you can immerse yourself into the life-changing journey of traditional hatha yoga which originates in India. Through a descriptive and well-structured course curriculum, you can enjoy this very Best Online YTT from the comfort of your home and complete your Yoga Alliance Certifications program at any time. Explore the divine and holistic approaches of Yoga Anatomy, Philosophy, Ayurveda, and Meditation. You will be able to understand Yoga Asanas in relation to their healing properties and learn to practice, teach and modify all of the main Asanas and Pranayama Techniques. Each of our teachers holds a Master’s or Ph.D. degree (or both) and has years or decades of experience in teaching our international students. For more than 10 years, we have been re-defining and improving our methods of teaching and grown into a like-hearted and radiant, international yoga community.

During the Online Yoga Teacher Training, You Will Learn:


  • All traditional hatha yoga asanas
  • Insights into Alignment
  • Use of Props
  • Explanation of Benefits
  • Explanations of Pre-cautions


  • Meaning and Benefits of Pranayama
  • Anulom Velom
  • Surya Bedhi
  • Nadi Shodan
  • Brahmari
  • Bhastrika
Power of Transformation


  • Meaning of Meditation
  • Mind Control
  • Emotional Balance
  • Power of Transformation


  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Meaning of Gunas
  • The Doshas
  • The role of food and nutrition
  • Food Combinations

Teaching Practicum

  • 1X 60 minute class as a lead teacher
  • 1X 90 minute class as a lead teacher
  • Feedback and guidance before and after each class
  • Lesson Planning

Teaching Methodology

  • Class Sequence
  • Design and Structure
  • Attention Distribution
  • Safety
  • Time Management
  • Sample Class
  • Geographic Differences


  • The Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • The Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Why would you choose Online Yoga Certification program?

Self-Pace and Comfort

Get access to all course materials and learn as per your personal schedule from the comfort of your home/current location. Nobody is going to stress you, you can complete each module at your own time and feel supported along the way. There is no need to feel group pressure or competition. The Live Classes can be joined any time according to your availability.

Travel and Money Saver

Especially now, everything is so uncertain: when will international travel even open? By doing your yoga teacher training certification online, you don’t have to risk any unnecessary travel and stay at home safely. Of course this saves you the flight and accommodation costs as well which make such a certified YTT in India more than three times as much.

Recognition and Individuality

Meeting the Yoga Alliance Standards, the Online Yoga Teacher Training ends with a valid certification that is recognised internationally. After successful graduation, you can register as RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) and find work anywhere. Through much individual guidance, small Zoom Live Class Groups and plenty of time to ask questions and feedback, you can benefit from extra guidance and a very personal and unique learning environment.

Learn Yoga with the Best Yoga Teacher Training Centre

Whether you are a yoga beginner, seasonal or passionate practitioner, we aim to enhance your passion for yoga and integrate body, mind and soul. With this Online YTT, you will be able to feel the magic of India and traditional yoga in a safe and empowering energy. We treat each other as family and make sure everyone feels encouraged and connected. Our main vision is to help you learn in-depth about yourself and guide you to use yoga as a body-balancing and mind-calming tool for yourself and others. It doesn’t matter if you wish to teach yoga professionally or simply grow your own practice and diver more deeply into yoga, we promise you to help you with that!

Register Now

    This Online Yoga Teacher Training is for you if you:

    • Have no or little time to travel and prefer to learn yoga from where you are at right now
    • Work part-time/full-time, can’t commit to an intensive 1-month residential training and look for a more “weekend-based” course
    • Really want to learn more deeply about yoga and commit to a life-changing journey
    • Want to develop yourself personally and grow into your most authentic self
    • Look for an adventure that brings along much new happiness and inner peace
    • Love the idea of enhancing your yoga practice with world class teachers
    • Want to learn the foundational steps towards a professional expertise

    How does this Online Yoga Teacher Training work?

    You will need a Laptop or Phone and a good WIFI connection for this training. We also recommend headphones or Bluetooth speakers so you can understand our teachers during Live Classes. Download the Zoom App to join all Live Classes on time.

    After admission, you will receive your complete 200 Hour YTT Information Booklet with Live Class Content Overview, Reading List, Syllabus, and Available Class Slots. We provide 6 descriptive Course Books and Booklets as PDFs for you. After confirming your availability for the first classes, you can begin!

    The Online YTT is structured into 20 Live Classes and 180 Non-Live Classes divided into self-study, interactive journaling, reading, self-practice, revision, and written course work.

    Each week, we update each other about your progress, questions, required clarifications, and experience.

    You can complete each module step-by-step and join Live Written and Practical Examinations once your written coursework has been submitted.

    Course Fees

    The course fee is 1200 USD per person

    The course fee includes:

    • Complete 200 Hour Online YTT
    • 20 Live Classes via Zoom
    • 180 Non Live Classes divided into Self-Study, Self-Practice, Reading and Course Work
    • 6 Comprehensive Course Books and Booklets as PDF (Philosophy, Anatomy, Ayurveda, Asana and Pranayama, Teaching Methodology and Anatomy Study Guide)
    • Individual Guidance and E-Mail Support
    • Post-Course Assistance to obtain work or share about personal progress/questions
    • Multi-lingual Communication (English, Hindi, German, French)
    • Opportunity to submit course work in the above languages
    • Yoga Alliance Certification via PDF and Courier upon successful completion

    Admission and Rules

    • We value kindness, respect and honesty
    • To get admission to this Online Course, the student has to pay the course fees in full via the Registration Form below
    • The Course fee is non-refundable
    • Paypal charges are to be covered by the student
    • Admission does not ensure certification: one has to complete all modules, assessments and examinations to get certified
    • Alcohol and Drugs are strictly forbidden during course duration
    • We also recommend a vegetarian diet during the course