The Grounding Effects of Yoga

grounding effect of yoga

How yoga can help you feel more grounded in your everyday life?
Each day presents us with incredible opportunities, realizations and transformations in every moment, some of which live inside of us and some outside. Individuals from cultures all around the world are becoming conscious of their power to adapt themselves in order to help each other find better, more meaningful ways of living.

How Yoga can help you feel more grounded in everyday life

feeling grounded with yoga

The word „Yoga“ is derived from the Sanskrit root „Yuj“, meaning to join, to unite.
It is a system of breathing exercises, physical and spiritual disciplines, all originally designed to
bring the yogi to samadhi – the state of enlightenment.
As yoga offers a holistic approach to life, its teachings can be very valuable to modern society.
In ordinary western school you do not learn what to do if you feel fear, anger or frustration. You do
not understand what they are or where they come from. You do not know what it is to eat really
healthy. You do not learn what it means to keep your body in good shape and physical health and
why that also is important for your mental wellbeing