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The 4 Best Yoga Teacher Training in India in 2024

School Hours Duration Style Location Price
Gyan Yog Breath
18 Days
Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa
Yoga India Foundation
18 Days
Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa
Himalaya Yoga Teacher Training
18 Days
Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa
Gyan Heilyoga
18 Days
Hatha yoga

(All selected yoga teacher training courses are Yoga Alliance certified)

If you dream of becoming a certified yoga teacher, India is the place to be! There’s a large number of yoga teacher training in India, covering various styles and topics of yoga. All while being relatively affordable and high-quality!

But with so many options, how do you pick the right one for you? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! This article is your go-to guide for finding the best yoga teacher training in India in 2024. We’re not just throwing a list at you; we’re breaking down each program to help you understand what makes them special.

From the transformative vibes to the real-deal teachings, each one’s got its own thing going on.

So, as you look into these programs, think about what clicks with your style and dreams. Our goal is to give you the lowdown on not just the best programs but also the know-how to choose the one that feels just right for your journey.

Ready to kickstart your yoga teaching adventure in 2024? Let’s dive in and find the best yoga teacher training in India for you!

Why India For The Best Yoga Teacher Training In 2024?​

Choosing India for your Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is like hitting the jackpot for self-discovery and authentic yoga!

First off, India is where yoga was born, so you get to learn the real deal from teachers who practically breathe ancient yoga wisdom.

Picture this – doing your yoga poses with the Ganges River or the Himalayan mountains as your backdrop.

It’s not just about physical moves here; they throw in philosophy, spirituality, and culture, giving you a complete yoga experience. And it won’t break the bank!

yoga teacher training in India is budget-friendly, and many programs are registered with Yoga Alliance, so your certification is recognized worldwide.

Plus, you dive into a yogic diet, enjoy the diverse landscapes, and soak up the transformative energy that makes your yoga journey in India something truly special. It’s not just learning yoga; You will find the best yoga teacher training in India because that’s the place where you connect with the roots of yoga in the most natural way.

How To Choose The Best Yoga Teacher Training In India?​

When looking for the best Yoga Teacher Training in India in 2024, simplicity and intuition are the key. Look for a program that aligns with your preferences and aspirations. Consider the experience of instructors, ensuring they bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Check if the curriculum covers the aspects of yoga that matter to you, and opt for a location that resonates with your spirit – perhaps the serene landscapes of Rishikesh or the majestic Himalayas.

Budget matters, so find a yoga teacher training in India that offers quality without putting financial pressure on you. If the program is affiliated with Yoga Alliance, it’s a solid sign of global recognition.

Student reviews and conversations with past participants can provide valuable insights.

Choose a YTT that not only fits your requirements but also feels like the perfect starting point for your transformative yoga journey in the heart of India.

Ready to kickstart your yoga teaching adventure? Let’s dive in and find the best yoga teacher training in India for you!

The 4 Best Yoga Teacher Training In India In 2024 ​

1. Gyan Yog Breath:

gyan yog breath

Gyan Yog Breath is one of the most experienced and most popular yoga teacher training ashrams in India. The school is usually booked out months in advance and offers very unique Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda-orientated courses. What makes this place special is their well-trained and caring teaching and staff who besides speaking 6 languages also hold Master and PhDs in Yoga and Ayurveda. Situated at the Ganges River and Himalayas in Rishikesh, this program offers an immersive experience, delving into the depths of yoga philosophy, asanas, Ayurveda and Emotional Blockage Treatment.

Yoga Style: Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa
Courses: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training500 Hour Yoga Teacher TrainingFertility Yoga Teacher TrainingAyurveda Counseling Yoga Teacher Training
Extras: free airport pick up, Kids & Prenatal Yoga, Ayurveda Consults, weekend excursion, yoga course kit, school T-Shirt & yoga mat
All-Inclusive Price: starting from 999 USD

2. Yoga India Foundation:​

Yoga teacher training in India

Yoga India Foundation stands out for its commitment to authentic yogic teachings. The program encompasses comprehensive modules, covering everything from anatomy to teaching methodology. With a focus on Sattvic living and a tranquil environment, it provides an ideal space for profound knowledge.

Yoga Style: Hatha , Ashtanga Yoga
Courses: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training,
Extras: complete Ayurveda module included, airport pick up, post-YTT assistance, karma yoga module
All-Inclusive Price: starting from 1200 USD

3. Himalaya Yoga Teacher Training: ​

Himalaya yoga teacher training
The Himalaya Yoga Teacher Training is known for its emphasis on personal transformation, ensuring that graduates not only teach yoga but embody its essence. The small yoga school is very positively rated among international students. There is a lot of focus on mantra chanting, alignment and community expansion.

Yoga Style: Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga
Courses: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Extras: Bhajans (Mantra Circles), Alignment Workshops, Community Workshops
All-Inclusive Price: starting from 1400 USD

4. Gyan Heilyoga:​

gyan yogaheil
Gyan Heilyoga takes a holistic approach to teacher training, incorporating elements of healing and wellness. Blending Hatha and therapeutic yoga, this program equips teachers with the tools to address physical and mental well-being. Nestled in the lap of nature at the Tiger Reserve in Rishikesh, Gyan Heilyoga provides a profound and inspirational program that covers the 200 Hour Yoga Alliance requirements.

Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga
Courses: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Extras: PDF books in advance, 4 course books, yoga course kit, school T-Shirt & yoga mat
All-Inclusive Price: starting from 1599 USD

Are You Ready To Make The Best Of 2024 And Become Your Most Authentic Self?​

As you embark on your journey to become a yoga instructor, consider the unique offerings of Gyan Yog Breath, Yoga India Foundation, Himalaya Yoga Teacher Training, and Gyan Heilyoga. These programs stand as pillars of excellence, guiding aspiring teachers towards a path of inner peace and yogic mastery. Emerge not just as an instructor but as a happy and joyful individual!

Discover the best yoga teacher training in India in 2024—where tradition meets modernity, and enlightenment meets education.