International Yoga Day 2018: Why you Need to Celebrate it in India

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More than 14 million people travel to India every year in order to explore the country‘s coulours, cultures and beautiful landscapes. Only in India, we have more holidays in a year than normal days. You might have heard of the most famous public festivities like Holi, Diwali and Navaratri.

What Should you Do After Completing Your 200 Hour YTT?

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Joining a 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in India can be one of the most life-shifting experiences ever. It’s an experience that will leave you with long-lasting benefits. If you completed such a Yoga Alliance registered 200 Hours YTTC, you might ask yourself: What should I do next?

Karma Yoga: How to Incorporate Selflessness into your Daily Life

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Have you heard of Karma Yoga? In Sanskrit karma means action. More accurately, it refers to‚ selfless actions‘. Karma Yoga is the path of selflessness where one serves to all without thinking of gaining personal benefits. You must have experienced a situation where you do something nice for someone. Even though you didn’t get anything materialistic back that moment, you might have felt a great sense of joy, love or oneness.

Yoga India – Yoga India Foundation

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Many of us travel to sunny European countries like Spain and Greece in order to participate in rejuvenating yoga retreats. However there is a huge difference between those destinations and learning yoga India.