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Many of us travel to sunny European countries like Spain and Greece in order to participate in rejuvenating yoga retreats. However, there is a huge difference between those destinations and learning yoga India.

Yoga India has been the number one destination for the last decade. Modern ashram facilities and communications in Rishikesh make a Western comfort easily accessible.

Learning yoga India offers students a memorable and unforgettable journey. Living in an ashram environment while participating in a yoga retreat cultivates love, happiness, and compassion.

You get the opportunity to take a break from your busy life and open up yourself to the power of yoga and relaxation.

Did you know that the world’s best yoga teachers are from India? Even the Beatles came to Rishikesh to learn yoga India and transcendental meditation in an abandoned forest ashram.


The bridge between East and West

In modern Western societies, life is very rapid. We work a lot and are taught to be efficient, focused, and ambitious from the early years onwards. Yoga India teaches us to slow down, take a moment to pause, and turn the attention inwards.

Entering deep states of relaxation seems impossible for most Westerners.  That’s why Yoga India is so enriching and transformative. Once you learn how to feel your body and increase your awareness, a new life begins.

Yoga for all levels

Yoga India is for everyone. Whether you are an advanced yogi or have never practiced yoga before, Yoga in India picks you up from where you are at.

At Yoga India Foundation, we have established a comprehensive and foundational yoga program that welcomes all levels.

Your needs will be met according to your physical, mental, and spiritual condition.

With much love and care, Yoga India Foundation provides a grounding and peaceful space.