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Why is India the best place to do your 200 Hour YTTC Certification?

India is the source country of all yoga forms like 200 Hour YTTC, we know today. Yoga has gained extreme popularity in the past decade. The global offer of classes, courses, and retreats is immense. Let’s not forget that yoga was introduced in the Vedic text in India at first more than 5000 years ago. Here, we explain the benefits of your Yoga Teacher Training in India.

1.Learn from the wisest Yoga Gurus who live Yoga by heart

In India, you will find real and very knowledgeable yoga instructors and masters who can
guide you along your journey towards self-discovery. As Yoga has arisen here thousands of
years ago, its the country that provides the best course content and teachers. Most gurus
have practiced and live yoga for many lives already. To complete a Yoga Teacher Training in
India means that you learn from the best of the best.

2. India provides a high vibrational, natural environment without the luxuries of mod. society

A Yoga Teacher Training in India covers all aspects of yoga such as yoga asana, pranayama,
meditation, yogic philosophy, and anatomy. You will learn all about the yoga lifestyle,
Ayurveda and Western life applications. India has the most peaceful and most positive
vibration worldwide. Here, thousands of Sadhus meditate on the banks of the holy river
The Ganges many hours every day. If you join a Yoga Teacher Training in India, you will be
situated in a natural space. Most likely, the view around your ashram will be beautiful and
you can listen to the birds and peacocks. Joining a Yoga in India won’t be a
luxury holiday. You will live in basic accommodations without the unnecessary comforting
details that our modern society. This can have a very grounding and balancing effect on you.

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3.The 200 Hour Certification is valid worldwide and is internationally respected

After completing your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India, you will receive a Yoga
Alliance certification. Yoga Alliance is the world biggest yoga instructor organization. With a
Yoga Alliance certification you can obtain a career and teach yoga internationally without
any restrictions.

4. A Yoga TTC in India is cheaper than in any other country

Unlike any other country, you can find the best Yoga Teacher Training in India for the best
price. Accommodation, food and staff expenses are very little compared in Europe, Australia,
and America. For around 1500 to 2000 $ (50$ per day) you will find an excellent Yoga Teacher Training in
India including course materials, food, and accommodation. You get much more than what
you pay for. Actually, the value of what you receive out of a Yoga Teacher Training in India
cannot be calculated.