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Are you ready for a Yoga Teacher Training?

Are you ready for a Yoga Teacher Training?
Yoga is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are flexible or not, young or old, strong or weak. If you can breathe, then you can do yoga! That’s a wonderful fact which applies to anyone who is ready to begin their yogic journey.
Yoga has literally completely changed the lives of so many people already. Having a daily yoga routine can transform your life in an unexpected, positive health-improving way. While some practitioners take classes at a nearby studio, others prefer to follow online videos from their mat at home.
You might or not have heard of a yoga teacher training. A yoga teacher training is an intensive educational program that covers between 100 and 500 hours of training hours.
Some yoga teacher training programs are divided into 1-2 years (weekends) and some are residential courses. At Yoga India Foundation, you can apply for your residential 25-day yoga teacher training course.
A yoga teacher training covers all the asana of a specific style or two, pranayama techniques, meditation, shatkriya (cleansing), yogic philosophy, anatomy, Ayurveda, alignment, adjustment, teaching practice, and methodology.
There are two options: as a beginner to intermediate, you can do a 100 or 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training which covers foundational knowledge of yoga and gives you great tools to start teaching. The second level 2 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training can be done after having completed a 200 Hour course.
Alternatively, you can choose to do a more complex 500 Hour of Yoga Teacher Training which takes 55 days.

To check if you are ready to join a yoga teacher training, you should be sure that:

1. You enjoy doing yoga and want to learn much more
2. You can commit to a full month of yogic immersion and growth
3. You come with the intention to open your heart and mind to yoga
4. You want to grow personally, evolve, and look within

If these points appeal to you, you should consider yourself ready for yoga teacher training.
Even if you are not intending to teach yoga professionally, yoga teacher training can open the door to countless opportunities as you will gain mental clarity, strength, and a well-balanced practice.
It’s an investment into your soul that nobody can take away from you. Becoming familiar with the correct asana alignment, benefits, anatomy, and history of yoga allows you to incorporate your new knowledge into your daily life and practice. Living according to the yogic path means living with more peace, inner joy, and controlling the fluctuations of the mind.