Yoga India Foundation

Why is Yoga India Foundation the Best Choice for a Yoga Teacher Training in India?

Do you love yoga as much as we do and recently found it very transforming? Besides the physical benefits, a yoga can give you lots of peace, calmness and encourage self-love. Asanas, meditation, and pranayama techniques have very strong effects on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

What is your relationship with yoga-like? How often do you practice?

If you find yoga life-changing and heart-opening, you may have considered doing yoga teacher training. A yoga teacher training is basically an educational program during which you learn how to correctly and safely practice yoga, meditation, pranayama, and various yogic techniques. Besides learning the alignments and benefits of postures, you would also be studying the philosophy and anatomy of yoga.

Now comes the question: where can you do such yoga teacher training? There are various schools and programs to choose from in basically any country in the world.

If you are looking to choose the best yoga teacher training, we would recommend you to look at the Yoga Alliance registered and internationally approved 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yoga India Foundation in Rishikesh for the following 6 reasons:

  1. India is the birthplace of yoga and the most spiritual and authentic country to study Yoga

Did you know that yoga was basically invented more than 5000 years ago? It’s older than any kind of religion and comes from India. Here, ancient saints mentioned yoga for the first time in scripture called Rig Veda. India is said to be the country of spirituality, the birthplace of gods, and a haven for deeply rooted and authentic yoga teachers. The Himalayan mountains and the holy Ganges river give a very special vibration to the country and India is said to constantly support one’s spiritual growth and awakening. Yoga India Foundation is one of the most experienced and oldest institutions in India that teaches traditional hatha yoga.

  1. Yoga Alliance Registered and Internationally Certified

Choosing Yoga India Foundation for your yoga teacher training means that you are choosing the #1 Yoga School in India and benefit from its Yoga Alliance registration & international certification. It’s important to know that you will be certified as RYT 200 yoga teacher which stands for a registered yoga teacher. With the certification, you can teach yoga internationally and obtain work in any country without limitation.

  1. Learn the Emotional Blockage® Treatment and how to release past trauma

The Emotional Blockage® Treatment was invented by Swami Vipin Gyan and aims to release accumulated energy blockages from your body. This treatment is very unique and healing and is exclusively taught at Yoga India Foundation. Through the removal of emotional blockages, the energy can flow at its maximum again and lead to a clearer and calm mind. Get rid of past pain, trauma, and accumulated emotions, it’s time to release it all! This treatment is included in the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga India Foundation as an extra module.

  1. Yoga India Foundation Speaks Your Language!

Traveling to India all by yourself can feel a little adventurous and you may ask yourself if you will be understood. The answer is yes! Yoga India Foundation is the only school that speaks (besides English, Hindi, and Sanskrit of course), German, French, Spanish, and Chinese. The teachers at Yoga India Foundation are Indian and European and really connect East with West so that you can feel safe and understood.

  1. Comfortable and Modern Accommodation Located Peacefully at the National Park

Feeling at home away from is very important as you will be super busy with studying and practicing yoga. Who doesn’t want to feel cozy after a long day of class and enjoy a calming sunset over the Ganges river? Yoga India Foundation is located at the outskirts of Rishikesh directly at the Tiger Reserve / Rajaji National Park and Ganges River. Besides listening to the birds during class, you may be able to spot an elephant from your balcony or roof-top. All rooms are new and contain western-style bathrooms and wooden elements.