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Yoga in India had a big impact on me

How I Chose to learn Yoga in India

Originally, I come from Switzerland in Europe. I have been practicing yoga for almost 6 years now.

It all started at my work with “Company yoga”. I never thought about Yoga in India. Every Monday we would get the chance to join the yoga classes for free.

So I began my yoga journey there. At first, it was very hard for me. I had no strength and no Patience.

Yoga seemed ridiculous to me and I always had to convince myself to try again next week.

After 2 years, I joined another yoga Studio in Bern, my home City. It was very dynamic yoga that made me sweat a lot.

Even though I began to enjoy the classes, I still didn’t know what yoga really was about. A Sport?

So I booked my flight to Dehradun to learn yoga in India.

I came to Rishikesh and fell in love with this place. I did a very intense Training called 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

You won’t believe how much of an impact this had on me.

From thinking that yoga is a Sport, I came to realize that yoga is about looking at the inside of you and making peace with all possible parts of you.

Surely, this was very challenging and hard sometimes, but Overall, this Training made me learn SO SO much. I turned into a flexible yogini in only 6 weeks.

I don’t know if it’s the energy in India, the Spirit, the Holy City Rishikesh… but it made become a happier, healthier and more joyful woman.