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Tolangulasana (Weighing Scale Pose)- Posture, Alignment & Benefits

Tolangulasana (Weighing Scale Pose)- Posture, Alignment & Benefits

Tolangulasana tones the abdominal organs and lower abdominal muscles. It helps to remove excess weight while strengthening the back and thigh muscles. This posture induces a state of relaxation and equanimity.

1.     Sit in Padmasana

2.     Slowly and carefully lower the back to a 45 degrees angle with the floor, using the hands underneath the buttocks

3.     Raise the legs and trunk so that the whole body is supported only on the buttocks and forearms

4.     Perform Jalandhara Bandha

5.     Advanced practitioners may also practice Moola Bandha

6.     Remain in the final position for a comfortable period of time without straining

7.     Slowly lower the body to the floor

8.     Repeat this up to 5 times


·       Calm the mind

·       Releases stress

·       Tones the abdominal muscles, thighs, and back

·       Improves the digestive system


Tolangulasana should be avoided if you suffer from serious back injuries.

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