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The Power of Transformation Meditation

My personal experience

As humans living in a world where technology, social pressures, and a fast pace of life have become a normal way of living, we do not spend enough time focussing on ourselves and our inner peace and happiness.

Power of Transformation

When was the last time we actually took some time to check in with ourselves?

We are constantly searching for happiness in external affairs when really all we need to do is just look inside ourselves and realize that everything we need is right here with us, in our bodies.

As a result of not focussing on our mind, body, and soul, our body builds up blockages in our respiratory and blood circulation systems. This is what this form of meditation focuses on improving.

The six, deep and forceful inhalation/exhalation exercises of Power of Transformation Meditation, each followed by a three-minute rest period and Shavasana at the end, allow for these blockages to be removed and for blood to circulate and flow optimally.

When I initially started the meditation I felt great tightness and cramping in my arms and hands.

I felt a lot of vibrations across my whole body, particularly my face and arms representing the imbalances and poor circulation of blood and breath in my system.

The meditation would take me into a very emotional, tearful state by the end too. After about a week of practicing every day, the vibrations lessened drastically and I would also enter into a peaceful meditative state by the end, sometimes even fall asleep!

I suffered from insomnia and a great tendency to think negative thoughts and after 2 weeks of consistent practice, I found that my mind was flooded with optimism and positive thoughts and my sleep has improved as well.