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Student Review: My Yoga Training at Yoga India Foundation Rishikesh

I’m Camille, a 26-year-old adventure lover, globetrotter, and yogi on a mission after my Yoga Training. When my mother passed away at the early age of 40, I was completely devastated. I totally lost all joy in my life and desperately searched for a way to relieve my grief, pain, and loss. I was in deep depression and didn’t know how to get out. At 22 I had my bachelor’s degree but was feeling like the last years have only passively passed away. During my studies, I didn’t even socialize much and never went to parties or anything like that.

One day my flatmate brought a friend home who told me about India, the motherland of yoga. The guy was from New Delhi and somehow had this really calm energy and “don’t worry, all will be fine”-attitude. After some very long conversation and some reflection, I knew I had to do something to get better and stop waiting. So signed up for a 4-week yoga course (twice a week) and felt like there was nothing I could lose.

At the end of the first class, I felt each and every part of my body and my mind was completely still. That feeling was so amazing that I had a few tears coming out. That was the moment when I realized that I had to do more yoga in order to overcome my loss and feel like me again.

When my yoga course at home was over, I searched for yoga training courses online. I had this idea to travel to India and immerse myself into 100% yoga with all that it takes.

I ended up at the Yoga India Foundation which is a beautiful and home-like ashram in Rishikesh, India. I signed up for a yoga training suitable for beginners that focused a lot on emotional detox, asana, philosophy, and transformation.

In 25 days, I completed 200 hours of yoga training in total. It was a challenging yet unique and unforgettable experience for me that gave me my heart back (if that makes sense). All people in the course became like family and the teachers guided us with much patience and care. I never experienced such a feeling of acceptance and peace with “strangers”.

The time I spent in Rishikesh has had a huge impact on me.

Have you ever experienced something where you could not believe that this is happening right now?

I really had tears of joy multiple times.

Some classes were pushing me to overcome my fears and accept my past, other classes let me re-think about life and see things from a completely new angle. It’s amazing when you begin to change something. The inner balance I re-gained during my yoga training was something I had been craving for so long. I didn’t know which steps to take and how to face my past, but now I’m so grateful for this opportunity. I feel lighter, calmer, and clearer than ever. I’m surely not a professional yet, but it was the best choice for me at this point.

I’m extremely impressed how quickly 25 days can pass, yet it felt like years.

To anyone who’s looking for yoga training and a way to make a change, you should check out the place I went to!