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Student Review 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India (Yoga India Foundation)

Figuring out what we want in life can be a huge challenge. That’s how it was for me after graduating from university. I was overwhelmed with the options, opportunities and sub-branches of life choices, directions and career paths to take. So I decided to take some time off my busy schedule and backpack a little. I stumbled across the Yoga India Foundation via a yoga blog and it immediately caught my attention and I joined Yoga Teacher Training there.

It didn’t take long until I immersed myself into yoga in India and committed to a month full of adventure, insights and transformation.

A bit about myself: I’m Eliana from Switzerland, a passionate reader, writer and life enthusiast. At 23 years young, with a master degree in my pocket yet no knowledge about myself, I left my home to study yoga in India.

Reviewing my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

When I arrived in India, I was welcomed with a big warm smile, flowers, kind words, a glass of water and a sofa to sit on. I felt at ease, yet was very tired from travelling. The first day of yoga teacher training started with a fire ceremony, also known as Puja (not sure how to spell it). All of the students including me wore white T-Shirts or blouses and trousers to honour the ceremony and become purified.

Afterwards, the course started with introductions about yoga, meaning, origin and traditional Indian parts of Yoga.

We chanted mantras, learnt about the importance of yoga today and how it roots in each one of us.

If I look back at my time there and studying yoga in India, I feel very grateful and happy about my experience.

The yoga teacher training provided me with more clarity and re-fined awareness about my physical and mental body.

Especially the daily cleansing techniques such as Shatkriya, but also Pranayama lessons had a big impact on me. I never used to be a morning person, however this changed as I feel very fresh and energetic now.

The asana classes were simply amazing, I felt each and every part of my body (didn’t even know some existed). The teachers encouraged me to engage myself into the wonderful world of asana and understanding the knows and hows behind each posture.

I felt a very clear, calm and radiating energy from all teachers and staff who always tried their best to solve any problem and made us feel very welcome.

After the yoga teacher training, I went to travel to Agra for a few days. That’s when I realised how safe and protected I felt during my yoga teacher training.

The group dynamic and feeling was very happy and unique. Most of us became very close friends and share a special connection until now.

The yoga teacher training ended with a beautiful graduation ceremony. We received flowers around our neck and danced to Indian music, so much fun!

There are probably 1 million more things to say and share, but if I sum up my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India in a few words, it would be:

A wonderfully authentic yoga experience which led me to connect with myself on a deeper level and opened my heart to my personal path in this life.