Yoga India Foundation

September 2017: Yoga Teacher Training

Namaste dear Yoga Teacher Training Yogis & Yoginis!

Our September 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India Course comes to an end and we are very proud of what you have achieved so far!

Not only have you powered through the intense schedule and been to class by 6 AM every morning, we also have become good friends during this month and created beautiful energy together.

We see a lot of progress in each one of you: you become more confident, free, joyful, and relaxed day by day.

The highlights of this month were definitely your interest in the yoga philosophy classes, Ayurveda, and yoga adjustment classes.

We also enjoyed the mantra music jam sessions at night a lot.

Music truly connects us even more deeply with one another as we don’t need to speak the same language!

Hopefully, you will like the volunteering work we have organized for you this week!

Please share your experiences here with us 🙂