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Sarpasana (Snake Pose)– Benefits, Adjustment & Cautions

Sarpasana or Snake Pose has similar effects to Bhujangasana. In addition, Sarpasana helps to correct the posture and has a profound strengthening effect on the back muscles.


1.     Lie flat on the stomach with the legs straight and the feet together

2.     Interlock the fingers and place the hands on top of the buttocks

3.     Place the chin on the floor

4.     This is the starting position

5.     Raise the chest as far as possible from the floor

6.     Push the hands further back and raise the arms as high as comortable

7.     Imagine the arms are being pulled from behind

8.     Raise the body as high as possible without straining

9.     Squeeze the shoulder blades together and look forward


Benefits of Sarpasana:

  • Helps to correct the posture
  • Opens the chest
  • Strengthens the back muscles
  • Corrects rounded shoulders
  • Improves and deepens breathing
  • Tones the ovaries and uterus
  • Stimulates the appetite
  • Alleviates constipation


People suffering from peptic ulcer, hernia, intestinal tuberculosis or hyperthyroidism should not practice this asana without the guidance of a competent teacher.

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