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Majari Asana – Cat Stretch Pose – Weekly Asana Tutorial

Majari Asana – Cat Stretch Pose – Weekly Asana Tutorial

Majari Asana comes from Sanskrit and means Cat Stretch Pose. The Cat Stretch pose is very beneficial if you want to increase your spinal flexibility. By curving the spine, you can release tension from your back and balance your nervous system.

Let’s discuss the steps of Majari Asana!

  1. Sit in Vajrasana
  2. Raise your buttocks and stand on your knees
  3. Lean forward and place the hands flat on the floor beneath the shoulders with the fingers facing forward
  4. The hands should be in line with the knees
  5. The arms and thighs should be perpendicular to the floor
  6. The knees may be slightly separated so that they are well aligned under the hips
  7. This is the starting position
  8. Inhale while raising the head and depressing the spine so that the back becomes concave
  9. Expand the abdomen fully and fill the lungs with the maximum amount of air
  10. Hold the breath for 3 seconds
  11. Exhale while lowering the head and stretching the spine upward
  12. At the exhalation, contract the abdomen and pull in the buttocks
  13. The head will now be between the arms, facing the thighs
  14. Hold the breath for 3 seconds, accentuating the arch of the spine and the abdominal contraction. This is one round.

Note: Perform 5 to 10 full rounds and then relax your spine (neutralization)

Benefits of Majari Asana:

  • Improves flexibility of the neck and spine
  • Tones the female reproductive system
  • Relieves mentrual cramps and leucorrhea
  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Releases stress and tension


This asana can be practised during pregnancy, however forceful contractions of the abdomen should be avoided.


Note: Majari Asana can be performed as a preparation for Chakrasana or wheel pose to increase the flexibility of the spine.