Love is Giving – Yoga India Foundation YTTC students in action

Have you heard of the term SEVA?

SEVA is a Sanskrit word that means SELFLESS SERVICE or work without any thought of personal benefit or reward.

In India, it’s believed that SEVA helps one’s spiritual growth and contributes to the improvement of a community and world peace.

Seva is the art of GIVING, an action with no need to receive.

This was the motto and thought behind our Yoga and Dance Workshop on Thursday,ย  19th July 2018.

We invited 40 students of PANKH-the Creative school, a school for slum children whose parents earn less than 40$ a month.

yoga teacher training at yoga india foundation
The children of PANKH performing to their favorite song


yoga teacher training at yoga india foundation
Marie (300 Hour YTTC student) teaching a dance choreo

Our current yoga teacher training students who are completing their 200 and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs at Yoga India Foundation created a kids workshop filled with yoga, dancing, laughter, and international communication.

When the children arrived, everyone sat down in a big circle inside the yoga shala and introduced themselves.

For each student’s nationality, the kids knew the countries capital and bigger city names.

yoga teacher training at yoga india foundation
Rahul happily mastering DHANURASANA or Bow Pose


Alankrita Bannerjee, the founder of PANKH shared some interesting facts about the school’s motives, history, and expansion.

She introduced the current project called EMPOWER HER, a handcrafted project which has been established to give the mothers of the children some work and income.

yoga teacher training at yoga india foundation
Grace (200 Hour student) asking about the school

After the yoga workshop, our yoga teacher training students served Chole Bhature, a famous Indian dish, to the children. We provided juice and a sweet dish called Halwa as well.

yoga teacher training at yoga india foundation
Swami Bipin serving freshly made Bhature
yoga teacher training at yoga india foundation
Julia from Germany (200 Hour YTTC) serving Chole (white chickpea dish with Indian spices like Massala)

As you can see in the pictures, the children and yoga teacher training students highly enjoyed their opportunity to make new friends, get to know a new culture, and spend quality time together.

We are happy to say that PANKH has become our “heart” project. We have been donating more than 170 yoga mats to the school already and will continue to support this organization in any way.

yoga teacher training at yoga india foundation
Susi, Babsi, Lena, Zoe and Beth talking to Shivangi

You can also make a change by giving food, time, and energy to the underprivileged! For more info about PANKH and how to sponsor a child’s education, visit:


yoga teacher training at yoga india foundation


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  1. Amazing day we are all enjoyed very much very lovely children. During the intensive yoga teacher training in India we have did some social work playing and dancing with slum children.very good job by school management theyโ€™re caring supporting there future.

    1. Namaste Julia
      We hope you are well ๐Ÿ™‚ We are glad to hear that you enjoyed playing, dancing and doing yoga with the kids. You are right, its a great opportunity for them to learn well and enter a bright future. Especially, because the school focuses on their TALENTS ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for having joined our Yoga Teacher Training in India. It was really nice to meet you in May <3
      Love and Light
      Your Yoga India Foundation Team

  2. Beautiful lovely children organizations members doing really good job children are found really unique education it’s will be very good for his future. Lots of love for everyone who have make my unique yoga teacher training in India.

    1. Namaste dear Anita
      thank you for your lovely comment! How have you been? We cant believe its already been 4 month ago that you stayed with us for you yoga teacher training in india.
      We hope all is well in South Africa:) Are you teaching yoga still?
      You are a wonderful woman! Please continue to share your positivity!
      Much love from Rishikesh,
      Your Yoga India Foundation Team

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