How to Live a More Peaceful and Joyful Life

If you are looking to find a way of living a more peaceful and joyful life, you are not the only one. In each one of us, there is the desire to experience joy and peace.

When we live a stressful life, our body becomes very tense. Our mind keeps circulating in fear and worry.
Calming the mind and connecting it to the body and soul is one of the ultimate goals in yoga. To reach such a state, one needs to turn the attention inwards and begin their spiritual journey of yoga.

During a Yoga Teacher Training in India (Yoga TTC in India), you will get the opportunity to dive into the path of yoga and learn yogic tools and secrets that help you to reach inner bliss and transformation.

To experience a state of peace, first of all, negativity has to be removed. This can be achieved through meditation, transformational breathing, and pranayama.

You will practice various asanas during your Yoga Teacher Training in India (Yoga TTC in India) in order to remove stiffness, tightness, and stress from your body.

In combination with a healthy, vegetarian diet, you will feel nourished and energized.
Soon, most of your worries will fade and you begin to feel inner joy and happiness.

A Yoga Teacher Training in India (Yoga TTC in India) at Yoga India Foundation focuses on your individual growth.

As a team of 10 yoga teachers, gurus, PhDs, and masters of yoga, our team aims to support you along your spiritual journey in a grounding and challenging learning environment.

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  1. Such an inspiration…☀️✨? I would love to do a yoga TTC in India with you. I’m a beginner so I guess the 200 hours yoga TTC in India will be the one for me?

    1. Namaste Katarina, thanks for your comment!:) Yes, our 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in India will be right for you! You can find all Infos and avaiable Dates here:
      The 200 hour TTC in India is designed to deepen your practise and understanding about yoga. It covers many interesting parts like yoga philosophy, Ayurveda and Nutrition as well.

      Let us know if you have any more questions!
      Your Yoga India Foundation Team

  2. I’d love to learn yoga in india. learning yoga in india from real yogis will be so special for me. i did my 200 hours yoga teacher training at a Studio at home but i wasnt very happy about it. I think it’s about the teachers. i dont feel ready to teach yoga yet so I would love to re-do my 200 hours yoga teacher training at your place in india. yoga india foundation seems like a very good fit for me. i was also considering doing a 300 hours yoga teacher training (advanced yoga teacher training) already, but I am just not ready for it yet. Chosing the right yoga teacher training School in india can be very challenging because there are so many. However, i feel good with your School and was already in touch with Jana via FB (who joined your Yoga TTC in India in May 17). She also recommended your program to me. At home, many Schools offer yoga teacher training programs as well, but i want to learn yoga in india with you and experience the culture and People. I want to know where yoga is coming from and begin my journey of self-discovery.

    1. Namaste Hannah, thanks for your comment. We hope to meet you soon for our 200 hours yoga teacher Training india. There is a huge difference between learning yoga in the west and learning yoga in india. India is the birth place of yoga, so it holds many ancient traditions and secrets. Our Team of gurus/yogis/masters of yoga live the path of yoga since birth. So we welcome you to experience an authentic yoga journey at our Yoga India Foundation Ashram. It’s nice of jana that she recommended our School. She was a very good Student in May. Please let us know if you have any more questions regarding our 200 hours yoga teacher Training Course.
      Love and Light
      Your Yoga India Foundation team

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