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What It’s like to Be an International Yoga Teacher – ERYT 500 Story Time

Did you know that more than 280 million people practice yoga every year? It doesn’t matter how old you are if you are flexible or not, from which country you are or which hobbies you have. Yoga is for literally everyone and that makes it so beautiful! Yoga means controlling the fluctuations of the mind and creating internal and external unions which can be done in various ways. Practicing asanas is one of the most popular paths of reaching optimum health, a more joyful and peaceful life.

As a yoga teacher, it’s my priority to guide my students carefully into the postures and help them create more sensitivity, balance, and strength. I teach 2-5 classes per day (except for Sundays) and really love what I’m doing. Sometimes I teach at retreats and workshops abroad and connect my “work” with traveling and getting to know new places. Last month I was in Chiang Mai after I taught an inversion workshop in Nepal. I love traveling and it really enriches my senses and love for people, cultures, and new cuisines.

How I Became a Yoga Teacher

Before I became a yoga teacher I had a pretty boring office job which never really satisfied me. I’m still doing some bureaucracy (yes also now as a yoga teacher and probably everyone else who is self-employed), but it’s totally fine as it supports my journey and passion!

I completed my RYT 500 Yoga Teacher Training 4 years ago and have taught lots of classes since then. That’s why I’m able to call myself ERYT 500 now (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher).

In case, you are looking to become a yoga teacher, you will need to join a yoga teacher training with at least 200 hours. I did a 500-hour YTTC straight away as I wanted to get as much teaching practice as possible. I did my yoga teacher training in India as for me it was the most authentic location and origin of yoga.

The Benefits of Being an International Yoga Teacher

There are so many benefits of being an international yoga teacher and the overall “job” is much more than a way of paying for rent and food. It’s an enrichment in every possible way, so here are the main benefits for me personally:

  • Interaction with a broad variety of unique people, youth, elderly, children
  • Working as a guide to help some reach inner peace
  • Preaching what I love and practice me
  • Getting to travel for work, experience new lifestyles, mentalities, and colors of life
  • Sharing my passion and getting paid to do it (??)
  • Free Visa and occasional flight costs are covered
  • Getting constantly reminded of the beauty of the job when I receive feedback from my students

The Cons of Being an International Yoga Teacher

There are not many cons at all. I guess when you are passionate about something and implement a certain level of positivity in your life, things don’t appear as very negative anymore. Now, after 4 years, I’m very happy and content with what I do.

For me, getting this whole yoga teacher thing started was probably the hardest. I’m talking about the yoga teacher training itself, getting started teaching, building confidence, and gaining people’s trust to grow my community. It’s a wonderful journey that each yoga teacher has to go through in order to grow and evolve as an individual and student of life.

So in case, you are about to kick start your teaching journey, don’t worry too much! Focus on your growth and practice and all will turn out as it is meant to! It takes time to build your path and there are many distractions along the way. That’s how to learn to stay centered and convey the essence of yoga?