International Yoga Day 2018: Why you Need to Celebrate it in India

More than 14 million people travel to India every year in order to explore the country‘s colors, cultures, and beautiful landscapes. Only in India, we have more holidays in a year than normal days. You might have heard of the most famous public festivities like Holi, Diwali, and Navaratri.

Visiting India is definitely worth it. Whether you like the mountains, beaches, seas, jungles, rain forests or deserts, in India you will find it all.

India is one of the most diverse and fastest-growing countries of today’s world. Every year, yogis from more than 100 different countries gather up in Rishikesh, also known as the World Capital of Yoga, to celebrate the annual International Yoga Day.

This year, the International Yoga Day will be on the 21st of June.

Connect with like-minded people

Even though there are many yogis out there already, most of us are still sourrounded by people who live unhealthy lives filled with stress and tension. During the International Yoga Day in Rishikesh, you can enjoy connecting with like-minded people who have- like you- started their spiritual journey already. Being surrounded by positive and shanti (peaceful) vibes will lift up your spirit and encourage you to evolve and create.

Celebrate Oneness and Unity

The true core of yoga has to do with unity and oneness. Cultivating and sharing these values with fellow yogis from all over the world will be a great experience for you. In India, we live in the moment. Nobody knows what will happen next. On International Yoga Day, you can live every present moment to the fullest. Of course, you should extend your stay and consider diving even deeper into yoga and healing.


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  1. My Yoga Teacher Training in India with you was amazing! I had the most amazing time ever… Now I want to come to your Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in India in June 2018 so that I can be there for the International Yoga Day as well! Will you have a 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in India during June?

    1. Hi Marc, thanks for your comment! We appreciate it 🙂 It was a pleasure to have you on our Yoga Teacher Training in India. Please come again for our 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in India which will start on the first of June 2018. It would be nice to see you again!
      Love and Light
      Your Yoga India Foundation Team

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