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How to Select the Best Yoga School for your Yoga Teacher Training

There are countless yoga schools in India. Are you not able to find the best yoga school or feeling confused? Then this article is for you. While most people think that yoga means creating harmony and peace within body, mind, and soul, it actually means “Chitta Vritti Nirodah”.

Translated from Sanskrit, yoga is “Controlling the Fluctuations of the Mind”.

The countless benefits of yoga lead to a more peaceful, healthy, and happy life. If you are interested to learn more deeply about yoga and understand the alignment, anatomy, and philosophy of yoga as well, you must have been looking into doing yoga teacher training.

There are obviously numerous options in terms of location, course content, style, and facilities. Choosing the best yoga school for your yoga teacher training is important as this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an unforgettable journey towards your transformational yogic path.

So how do you select the best yoga school? First of all, you should be clear about where you want to learn and how long you can take time off.

Popular destinations are India, Thailand, Bali, and Sri Lanka.  If you are on a budget, India would be the most affordable yet most authentic option.

Most yoga teacher training cover 200 Hours within one month or less. If you can’t take as much holiday, you can divide the course into two parts or go for a weekend-based course in your country.

The next step would be to check in with the course modules, styles, and curriculum. Which elements do you want to study, which style do you prefer and which extra modules are interesting for you?

Each yoga school will have detailed course descriptions and content on its website so you can go through it and see which program attracts you.

Things to Know/Do:

  1. Make sure that the yoga school is Yoga Alliance Registered and your certification has the Yoga Alliance logo on it so that you can register as a teacher afterward and obtain work internationally
  2. Check in about the fees, what’s included and what not so that all is clear in advance
  3. Connect with the schools that feel best to you and get a feeling of what they are like, schedule a call?
  4. Get information about the exact location and Google Maps location
  5. Read Reviews on Google Maps and watch video testimonials to know what past students have experienced

There is no right or wrong and nobody can tell you which school is best for you except you. It’s always good to inform yourself properly and listen to your heart as well. Usually, you can feel which school is a match and which is not.

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