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How many hours to choose for your Yoga Teacher Training ( 200,300,500 or something else ?)

Dear yogi, As you are reading this, you might be interested into taking part of a Yoga Teacher Training or maybe
 you have already completed one in the past and look for some clarification about how to pursue your formation on the next level. The decision to make a Yoga Teacher Training in India can be a bit thrilling, and there might be some confusion when looking at the different courses available. If you want to know the difference between 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours teacher training courses, you have come to the right place.

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training This is the most

This is the most common course, built on the standards of the Yoga Alliance. You should see it as the first step of the process to become a yoga instructor or as an excellent option to expand your yoga knowledge and polish your personal practice. Whether you want to become a yoga instructor or not, you will benefit from this course by learning all the basic yoga theories and you will get a much clearer understanding of the relation with your body for specific asanas, as well as the purpose and benefits of those postures

What to expect?

During this intensive month, you will learn the fundamentals of the shatkarma, pranayama, and Ayurveda, you will study yoga philosophy and important meditation techniques, you will cover basic anatomy and explore several important asanas as well as their proper alignment, you will see how to structure a class and follow the right sequence, you will practice your teaching skills and should leave with the confidence to start your teaching journey back home. Our 18 days 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is an excellent option if you want to set up the foundations of yoga teaching and as well as become more stable and efficient in your own practice. Once you have completed this course, you can register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200.

300 HR Yoga Teacher Training

You can see this course as the second level of a teacher training course, addressed to those who have already finished the first level of the 200 hours. It is often called an advanced course. It is more intense and proposes a different curriculum and goal. This course is the ideal option if you aspire for a teaching career or if you really want some precise fine-tuning about your own practice.

What to expect?
Our 21 days 300 HR Yoga Teacher Training cover a wider range of asanas as well as more advanced postures, and a large focus is put on the correct alignment and the benefits and contra-indications of each asana. You will also learn about the modifications of specific asanas according to the physical and mental condition of a student and get to know about the use of props ( bolster, wall, belt, block, pillow ). You will go deeper into the philosophy and yoga sutras, receive further knowledge about the anatomy and mechanic of the asanas. Surely, you will also have considerable time allowed to the teaching practice.

500 HR Yoga Teacher Training

Basically, this option combines the first level ( 200 HR ) and the second level ( 300 HR ) of a teaching course. You will go from the very foundations of yoga to in-depth knowledge. If you have the time and are ready for a commitment, you have the possibility to follow the course in one bloc, corresponding to a 39 days program. The advantage is that it will be done in a much shorter period of time. On the opposite, you can do it in two separate modules.
To become a 500 RYT with the Yoga Alliance, you need to complete the 200HR and 300HR Yoga Teacher Training and to have gained experience during 100 hours of teaching.

500 HR Yoga Teacher Training

Other types of yoga programs are offered worldwide. Those courses have to been seen like an addition you can take if you want to get a certain specialization, but they will not establish the core of yoga-like the 200 HR, 300 HR and 500 HR teacher training courses, During your research, you will come across various courses like prenatal or postnatal, restorative and yin yoga, yoga for kids or seniors, yoga for back pain, etc. Those courses are excellent if you want to increase your knowledge on a specific topic, but will generally not allow you to teach without having previously done a Yoga Teacher Training.

Hopefully, this article brought a little more light to your questions, and keep in mind that no matter which the program you choose, you will have a unique experience leading to self-discovery and new horizons