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Bye Bye Ego! Minimizing Your Ego

Yoga has a huge impact on you once you practice for some time. It makes you more sensitive, aware and conscious and also helps in minimizing ego. You can use this sensitivity and increased awareness to create a more joyful and meaningful life. Being more aware is not always easy as you might feel the emotions of others and feel hurt about how people treat the environment and animals. Yoga practitioners usually naturally and intuitively feel more called to help, support, and make an impact.

Yoga Minimised Your Ego

When you are on the yogic path, the ego is most likely to disappear to the background. As you shift your perspective, value each experience and accept the moment you are in, the ego has less freedom to act or speak. Actually, yoga means controlling the fluctuations of the mind, and with this comes minimizing the ego. No matter in which situation you are in, you will feel more compassionate and choose the right way according to your present evolutionary stage. As you grow older and practice yoga, you will feel more mature and grounded in your life and with your decisions.

The Positive Effects Of Yoga

 The person who practices yoga has access to superior thinking, perception, and reflection. Being familiar with yoga and having it in your life means that you can feel what a person is like. You understand others before you hear them speak as you can sense energies. It may be difficult at times as you begin to learn that not everyone is as nice as you thought. You can differentiate between egoistic acts or speeches and truthfulness. Being more transparent offers you to cut out toxins and focus on the things that inspire you.

Characteristics of the Ego

 The ego wants it all, is always right, doesn’t listen, surrender or give up. When you listen to your ego it means you may feel imbalanced, angry, or frustrated. The ego says phrases like “I know it’s like this” or “I need this in order to be happy”. Whenever your ego bubbles up, keep cool and watch it. A little practice might help to draw you back to your heart. Always listen to your heart and ask yourself what would my heart say?

The beauty of yoga is that you can easily connect to your authentic intuitive flow that is spontaneous and generous.