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Baka Dhyanasana (Patient Crane Pose) – Benefits, Adjustment & Cautions

Baka Dhyanasana (Patient Crane Pose)  – Benefits, Adjustment & Cautions


Bhaka Dhyanasana or Crane Pose requires more coordination than muscular strength. The posture aims to balance the nervous system and strengthens the arms and wrists. A sense of physical balance is developed.



1.     Squat on the floor with the feet apart

2.     Balance on the toes and place the hands flat on the floor, directly in front of the feet

3.     The elbows should be slightly bent

4.     Lean forward and adjust the knees so that the inside of the knees touches the outside of  the upper arms as near as possible to the armpits

5.     Lean further forward

6.     Transfer the body weight onto the arms and lift the feet off the floor

7.     Balance on the hands with the knees resting firmly on the upper arms

8.     Bring the feet together

9.     Focus the gaze at the nose tip

10.  Hold the final position for as long as comfortable


Benefits of Baka Dhyanasana:

·       Increases the strength in the arms, shoulders and wrists

·       Balances the nervous system

·       Develops a sense of physical balance



People with high blood pressure, heart disease or cerebral thrombosis should not attempt this practice.

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