How Yoga can help you feel more grounded in everyday life

feeling grounded with yoga

The word „Yoga“ is derived from the Sanskrit root „Yuj“, meaning to join, to unite.
It is a system of breathing exercises, physical and spiritual disciplines, all originally designed to
bring the yogi to samadhi – the state of enlightenment.
As yoga offers a holistic approach to life, its teachings can be very valuable to modern society.
In ordinary western school you do not learn what to do if you feel fear, anger or frustration. You do
not understand what they are or where they come from. You do not know what it is to eat really
healthy. You do not learn what it means to keep your body in good shape and physical health and
why that also is important for your mental wellbeing

Why Yoga is Good For Your Mental Health & Way of Thinking

mental health with yoga

I would like to share with you how yoga changed my way of thinking and in addition to that –my life. There is nothing more important than that, because our life, mental state and well-being needs to be our priority. Many people are obsessed about their physical appearance and care less about more important thing, which is happening in our mind

What is Clavicular Breathing in Pranayama?

Clavicular Breathing

Clavicular breathing is the final stage of total ribcage expansion. It occurs after the thoracic inhalation has been completed. In order to absorb a little more air into the lungs, the upper ribs and the collar bone are pulled upwards by the muscles of the neck, throat and sternum.

Bye Bye Ego! Minimizing Your Ego

Minimizing The Ego

Yoga has a huge impact on you once you practice for some time. It makes you more sensitive, aware and conscious. You can use this sensitivity and increased awareness to create a more joyful and meaningful life.

What is a Mudra and why do we use it in Yoga?


The Sanskrit word mudra is translated as gesture or attitude. Mudras can be described as psychic, emotional, devotional and aesthetic gestures or attitudes.
Yogis have experienced mudras as attitudes of energy flow, intended to link the individual pranic force with the universal or cosmic force.

How Yoga can help heal a broken heart

Yoga Relax Time

Sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead” was singing Adele, an English singer and songwriter, in 2011. She is not the first and won’t be the last to sing about the pain love can cause.

Heartbreaks can indeed have devastating effects on the mind and the body: at best you lose some self-esteem, feel less grounded, get some anxiety. At worst you fall into depression, abusing your body with alcohol, junk food and inactivity, and abusing your mind with negative thoughts about yourself, the people around you, and the Universe. It feels like your whole world has collapsed, you don’t know who you are anymore or where you’re going, you feel lost.

How yoga can help you overcome traumatic experience

traumatic experience

In this essay I am going to explain how yoga can help you overcome a traumatic experience. Many people experience a traumatic situation at some point in their life. Often this is not really looked at and integrated in the biography leaving blockages and emotional wounds inside of you that don’t heal. You can move on with your life but you will never be balanced and happy. It may show in insecurities, unexplainable behaviour in some situations or health issues. You can adapt and pretend that everything is alright, but you won’t be whole until you heal that trauma. That is why I want to write about this topic.
From my own experience I can say that yoga can really help in this healing process. Because yoga can give you strength and help you regain your inner balance. It reconnects you with your body, a connection you often lose when you are shaken by a traumatic event.

How Yoga Can Help you to Experience Transformation and Balance

transformation and balance

In this essay I’ll try to point out few important things that you should know about transformation which could be experienced through yoga. Why it is important? Because nowadays everyone is seeking for some kind of transformation and I think
people alwas did. Because it looks like the people are never happy with what they have, they still want something different.

How Yoga Can Help You To Feel Grounded

Poornna Bhujangasana

Literally translated from Sanskrit, the word means ‘connection’. One of the texts most widely associated with yoga is Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (compiled around the time of the 5 th century). Therein Patanjali defines yoga as a method by which the seeker can learn to control the power of their own thoughts in order to understand and connect with their true self.

What is Yoga and Meditation really about?

What is Yoga and Meditation really about?

In the western world, yoga is rather known for its physical practice. Practising asanas helps getting to know your own body better and improves your strength and flexibility. Also it improves the concentration and relaxes. Doing a yoga teacher training in India, I got to know so much more about yoga: yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, anatomy, Shatkarma, pranayama and meditation. The yoga philosophy teaches how to be a better yogi