Emotional Unblocking Treatment

Emotional Blockage Treatment: Each and every individual goes through various kinds of 'emotions' in their life. So what are emotions? It is basically our way of expression- it may be positive or negative. We go through anger, anxiety, stress, sadness ect. Instead of expressing our emotions, we start suppressing them, hence they start accumilating in our body at various parts such as calf muscles , thighs, hamstrings and in pelvic region area. This results into blockages and various kinds of physical as well as mental diseases.

So here at Yoga India Foundation Swami Vipin ji , gives proper training and explanation how to get rid of these blockages formed in the body . Its an exclusive training which is only provided by Yoga India Foundation, Rishikesh. Its included in 200 hours TTC as well as separate Training. Swamiji's motive is to teach as well as help the individual to overcome with his/ her emotional blockages. Thus leading to the free flow of Energy in the whole body. It also helps to grow fast in asana , pranayama and meditation.It's quite eure that if you register for this Course , You will be definetly a different and new person- full of positivity and enthusiasm towards life that will benefit in all branches of your life. Contact Us Now

Emotional unblocking treatment is a process to overcome strength in our life, today we are facing lot of mental pressure due to our busy lifestyle. As we know, body and mind are closely connected. Repetitive negative thoughts in our mind manifest in our body as blockages causing weakness, impatience and disease. Through the unblocking treatment body blockages are removed so the energy can flow at maximum again. This treatment is included in our 200 hour yoga teacher training course as well as available separately by appointment. Over the course of a month with us, swami-ji devotes time and energy to bringing freedom and emotional release to each individual student. Everyone knows yoga isn’t just about the positions, but not everyone has the spiritual insight to unlock the inner life. It’s not as freaky as it sounds. India Yoga is famous from pristine time to provide best fitness and spiritual knowledge.

Why it is part of the course at Yoga India Foundation?

We carry around in our bodies the stress from modern life and trauma from our past. In individual focused sessions, Swami Vipin Gyan systematically applies pressure to areas of your body where these emotional blockages are locked. After some period of pain there comes complete release- and many people are surprised to see what comes bubbling up from their deep past. The swami doesn’t support temporary fixes or encourage dependency, so he’ll teach you body-awareness and breathing techniques to maintain your re-balanced freedom. You won’t find another yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh that offers such attention on emotional release. Here at Yoga India Foundation it is understood that becoming a yoga teacher means more than only learning asana, Pranayama, anatomy & philosophy. Yoga India Foundation offers additional training for their student ie. Basic yoga and meditation so they can practice it and take maximum advantage from their visit Book Now Contact US

Class Information

 Yoga India Foundation Rishikesh,India
 Number of Week4
 Trainer Swami Bipin Gyan
 Week Days Monday-Friday
 Weekend Special Activities every weekend
 Timing 07:00am-08:00pm
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